Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal information from our unregistered users. Registered users may provide information on an opt-in basis. We do not require an email address in order to use Fuckuh.

Data collected

Registered and non-registered users can browse videos and images without giving up any of their personal information. An IP address is recorded on registration and in the server logs for security reasons. IP addresses are recorded in hourlong snapshots for both registered and unregistered users for the sole purpose of spam prevention.

Registration is required in order to upload image galleries, upload videos and favorite videos. Your IP address is recorded on registration and on each user action you take including commenting, uploading, logging in and favoriting. We will provide your IP to law enforcement agencies if you upload anything involving minors or clear instances of rape and other violent material.

We protect your user information to the best of our ability using Whirlpool hashing, password salts, and user token verification. None of your authentication information is stored in plain text.

Content Uploaded: Any videos or images you upload to the site and any collections you make will be publicly viewable, as will your public profile.

Cookies: Cookies are used only for the following purposes - keeping you logged into the site when you sign in with your Fuckuh account, storing your search preferences and preventing more than one popunder from displaying during your session.

Third Party Cookies: Third party cookies are set by Google Analytics to track pageviews and FuckuhCams to limit the number advertisements you receive.

Log file information: Server logs are rotated daily regarding visitor IP addresses, web useragents, referring urls, and the time of visit.

Disclosure of information

Fuckuh will not disclose or use any of your information unless required to do so by a law enforcement agency or in the event of a terms of use violation.


Fuckuh takes the following steps to maintain a secure website:
Upgrade new releases to software and kernel expeditiously
Google safebrowsing tools
Daily maintenance
Daily diagnostic tools
Realtime system monitoring

You use Fuckuh at your own risk, however we do everything in our power to make your experience a safe and secure one. You are responsible for the safety of your own account and login information.


You may contact Fuckuh using this Contact Form